Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Fill out the FV Scholarship application form
  2. Submit the form by clicking on the submit button
  3. Check your mail for a confirmation email (Inbox/Spam).

Note: If you get the email in your spam, move it to your inbox to get subsequent emails.

The specified application period is from the 1st of February - 29th of February 2024

To be eligible for the FV Scholarship program, applicants must score an A in the qualifying examination.

1. A+: 90% - 100% (100% Full Scholarship)

2. A : 80% - 89% (50% or Half Scholarship)

3. A-: 70% - 79% (25% Partial Scholarship)

Note: Applicants must also be 16 years of age and older; Special talents may be considered

Eligible applicants with an A score will be subjected to interviews and other assessments due to limited slots in selected courses.

FV Scholarship would provide full and partial scholarships based on applicants test scores. See Eligibility Requirements page.

No, you will not be eligible to receive the scholarship.

The scholarship would be revoked and any revisitation to the program would be paid out of pocket.

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