FV Scholarship Qualifying Examination Information

FV Scholarship Qualifying Exam

The qualifying examination is an assessment designed to screen the best candidates with the required IQ and intellectual ability to join the FV Scholarship programme. Candidates who achieve exceptional scores will be eligible for one of the scholarships available.

Scholarhip Scores

ScoresScholarship Categories
A+90% - 100%100% (Full Scholarship)
A80% - 89%50% (Half Scholarship)
A-70% - 79%25% (Partial Scholarship)

Exam Schedule

The qualifying examination will be held over a 6 day period, candidates will be scheduled to take their examination on one of the days. Find below the schedule and activities, kindly note this schedule is subject to change with prior notice.

Events | ActivitiesTimeline
Scholarship Application1st Feb – 29th Feb 2024
Qualifying Examination11th Mar – 16th Mar 2024
Screening, Orientation and Onboarding18th Mar – 12th Apr 2024
Programme Lectures15th Apr | 10th Jun 2024

Exam Format

  • Exam Format: Multiple-Choice Questions
  • Number of Questions: 40
  • Exam Time: 60 Minutes
  • Minimum Scholarship Score: 70%
  • Exam Delivery: CBT
  • Equipment for Exam: Laptop, Tablet or Mobile Phone with a browser

Qualifying Examination Steps

  1. You must have gotten the application confirmation mail
  2. A week before the exam check your mail for login information
  3. On your examination scheduled date log on to the portal with login information
  4. Follow pre-examination instructions on the portal 
  5. Complete your examination
  6. Examination results will be available one week after the exam period,
  7. Your result will be sent to you via email

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